This group has been created to discuss current strategies for marketing your Local Business through online channels such as social media, email and sms, search engine ranking, local directory listings etc.

It will look at new opportunities and discuss the merits or validity of each in an ever changing online landscape.

This forum is intended for local business owners and the discussion will therefore hope to be more practical than technical.

Having said that, we do of course welcome members with those high-level technical skills as that is the only way to truly dig into a topic and discover what is working today for your business.

This forum was started on March 25th by Tony Grant of Local Global Marketing, based in the UK. If you arrive near to this date, please bear with us while the content and discussions broaden out.

To help with this, don’t forget to ask your friends to join at!forum/localonlinemarketing

So with that being said…

…Let’s Get Social!

General Discussions Sticky Post

We’ve picked some common categories to get the group started but will have probably missed out on many important ones.

If a common topic appears in here often, then a break out category will be created to save all the action happening here only.

As with all groups, try to keep the language at a user-friendly level wherever possible.

The imprtance here is to unclutter the landscape and give business owner the information they need to make informaed decisions on their online marketing campaigns.

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