Content Marketing Packages

Content Marketing Packages

If you’ve already seen our introductory post on Content Marketing, you will know the benefits of setting out an effective campaign to help promote your business.

The thing is though, getting the message just right is massively time consuming, and pretty mind-numbing when you need to commit to posting regularly.
That’s why we have put together these straightforward packages based on content creation.

It is also worth remembering that there is content creation within some other packages so these are purely for those who want content, and only content.

Article Writing

There’s so much more to writing articles than just putting some thoughts onto a sheet of paper (or Word document).
You have to make it engaging, you have to give useful information, and you have to make Google love it.
None of the above are easy, but pleasing Google is perhaps the toughest one to crack.
You need to get the main talking point in there in certain places. You have to mention it enough, but not too much. You also need to refer to it using other owords (known as LSI indexing).

So when someone offers you an article at $5, you sort of have to question how good it really is.

Making the content BIG

To make yourcontent of any much use, you also need to have images, maybe a video, and maybe some tweetables thrown in for good measure.
You could do with snippets and variations for announcing your article to the world, and maybe even offer a PDF download as well , especially if the article is of high value or a bit too long for one sitting.

The term Big Content is a buzz term for an article that does feature imagery as wel as words, and without doubt, these are the most powerful for ranking in the search engines.
So, with our basic article package, you get:

  • a unique, personally hand written article of 600 words or more
  • written on a topic of your choosing, with up to three keywords
  • researched and written by a native English speaker in either UK or US spelling
  • a 50 word article summary for posting on social media
  • at least 2 images licenced for your use and geo tagged to your location
  • a video summary to post on social media
  • a Copyscape report to show that the article is unique and not copied in any way
  • Buy 1 Article for £40.00

    Buy 3 Article credits for £90.00

    most popular)

    Buy 10 Article credits for £200.00

    (best value)

      Please Note:

    1. all of the above prices will be subject to tax for EU residents
    2. article credits can be used to buy articles at any time, they never expire
    3. you can request adjustments to any article
    4. any refund requests can be subject to deduction for any credits used, based on the single unit price
    5. all purchases are covered by our 100% satisfaction Guarantee<

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