The Local Global Marketing Mission Statement

Local Global Marketing aim to be the single most beneficial Service in your business. We strive to provide every aspect of our services to allow you time to focus on your primary income-generating activities.
Every member of our team is hand-picked to deliver World Class Service, in an affordable and cost-effective way.

Service Beyond Expectation

Local Global Marketing have 3 Core Principles that we adhere to across all aspects of our endeavours.

  • To Always Deliver Excellence Beyond Expectation
  • To Position Our Clients, Our Teams and Our Brands At The Forefront Of Our Markets
  • To Use Our Network and Resources To Build Opportunity Against Adversity

What Do These Core Principles Mean

Without you, our clients, we can not have a business. We can not make an impact on your business success and we cannot pay forward our success into the communities from where we work.

Equally, without our team members, we cannot deliver excellence, continue to grow nor deliver inspiration and opportunity into the community.

That is why we strive to excel in everything we do. We want you to be blown away by our service, and just as excited to tell others about Local Global Marketing.

In return, we will take 15% of all profits and funnel them back through local charities to help those in the comunities where we work.

We will also encourage and facilitate each Team Member in reaching out into their local communities to help others develop oppotunity for personal growth through education, enterprise or employment.

Where Are These Communities

Local Global Marketing is based in the UK and therefore our core profits are recorded there. However, the reach of support will extend to any region where we have a meaningful connection.

In the UK, we intend to extend our reach through regional Ambassadors, for which their success will reward their own communities.

In addition, we have employees from countries such as The Philippines and Indonesia. Again, our projects will reach into these communities to support in the best ways we can.

Finally, our clients may arrive from any English Speaking country and we will look to them for support and suggestions.

Why Will We Support Local Communities

‘Business can be the most powerful agent for change’

It is business that has the ability to create wealth and in turn, has the ability to use that wealth for the betterment of those who are unable to achieve the same advantage on their own, for whatever reason.

You will be able to follow our projects as they develop on this site and in our regular updates.

Why Develop An Evolved Enterprise ™

The visionary behind the Local Global brand had always seen the development of the company as an opportunity to fulfil several lifetime objectives.

Then, during the development phase of Local Global Marketing, Tony came across – read the book and decided to embrace the core concepts into the Big Idea.

It is true that Local Global Marketing is being created from virtually nothing but knowledge. However, knowledge is the cornerstone of all invention and we firmly believe that with commitment, the Big Idea can become a reality.

To that extent, we now embrace the following guidelines in our business:

  • To be fully ethical and honest in all business dealings with customers, suppliers, partners, communities and agencies
  • Provide transparency for how the organization delivers an impact
  • Consider how each stakeholder is affected by all decisions
  • Uphold hiring practices that promote employee diversity and empowerment
  • Seek to continually grow and evolve collectively and individually within the organization
  • Be seen as an industry and marketplace leader
  • Stand for something greater than just the bottom line
  • Commit to rewriting the rules of business so everyone wins

How That Works For You

Local Global Marketing can deliver a full range of business support services precisely where it matters, right inside your business!
From basic administration to online promotional support, Local Global Marketing set out to be the single most key asset in your business.

We are dedicated to your business stability and growth, seeking to identify new opportunities while safeguarding you against potential pitfalls.

Local Global Marketing brings together an exciting range of support services which can grow with your own business, giving you a key advantage over any competitor.

That doesn’t mean we interfere though. our advice is practical and timely, yet the decisions clearly remain firmly in your control.

Your business is only ever as good as the partners it aligns with, so don’t accept 2nd rate partners, join with those who share your vision for success and join with Local Global Marketing today.

Is There Anything Left Unsaid?

We hope this page has answered many questions about our organisation. We also hope it helped you to decide to partner with us for a successful future.

We want to welcome you as a Partner today, it doesn’t even have to cost you anything to get started. We truly want to put the profits back into your business, not drain them away.

There are always exciting offers to get you up and running so why not take a look at our Home Page for more details.

Our Professional Team are waiting to help you, so don’t waste your precious time worrying about what to do, take the right choice today and we will guarantee that it is a decision that you will never regret.

Contacting Local Global Marketing

Local Global Marketing are never far away. You can reach us by phone, by email or book an appointment for us to visit you. Whichever is best, you can visit our Contact Us page to reach us today.

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