Putting Your Business In Front of New Customers

I’m sure you’d agree with us when we say that managing your own social media accounts can be a real challenge.


  • You’ve got to work out which accounts to use
  • You’ve then got to work out what to say
  • then you need to figure out how to reach interested people
  • and then do it over and over again, without getting sucked into the social rabbit hole

If you are like most folk, it is too easy to get distracted once you go on to your Facebook or Instagram account, and before you know it, a few hours have passed and you still didn’t do what you started out to do.
You could of course give it to a staff member to do, but OMG, will you ever see them get any other work done that day?

That’s why it makes perfect sense to pass your Social Media Management over to us.

You see, even if we do get lost in that rabbit hole, it’s our problem, not yours. You pay for the work that gets done, and if we lose two hours looking at cute babies or puppies, then that’s our problem and our lost time.

What’s even better for you is the difference you will notice almost immediately. Our social media experts are typically seeing 50% or even 100% growth in engagement. That means more chances for people to see your brand, and more chances for people to reach out to you for your services.
In fact, we just heard from one new client that she had 2 new quotation requests and a direct enquiry in the very first week and as a result of our work, so the difference truly can be transformational.

If you want to see the same amazing results in your business, head on over to our Social Media Management pages, or book a no cost, no obligation call-back chat with our experts to see how we can help you.

Putting Your Business at the Top of Google, Bing et al

It’s pretty well reported that social media is king when it comes to getting your brand out there. With almost every new purchase starting out from a smart phone search, there’s no arguing that you need to have a strong presence online.

That includes your company website too. People expect companies to have a website nowadays, and this isn’t some free package on some random host either.

Your website needs to be professional, it needs to stand out from your competitors, and more importantly than anything else, it needs to be flying high in the search engines.

There’s no secret that Google are taking up more of their search results for paid advertising though, and this makes ranking ever more difficult as there are less spaces on offer to fight for.

That’s why you need our expert website ranking team on your side. Our SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) professionals wil get you shooting up the rankings, and all in a way that makes sure you stay there too.

For total transparency though, it is not an overnight quick fix to get sites at the top of Google, especially if it is a competitive niche such as estate agents or solicitors.

That’s why we also offer paid ads management for those who want a shortcut to the top.

When we research paid ads that are managed by the business itself, we see massive overspends, with very poor returns. Often these campaigns aren’t even being tracked, so the business doesn’t know it is pouring money into a google wishing well.

Our experts will take on your campaigns, dramatically reduce the spend and significant’y increase the ROI (return on investment).

Ok, you gotta still pay for the ads, and pay us too, but we are pretty certain that the combination of the two, together with the increased returns, will make this a total no-brainer.

Book your call now and start putting your money into growing your business, not Google’s.

Protecting Your Brand for Greater Success

If you chose either of the above options, you will soon see your name out there in lights.

You will be seeing more people coming through your doors without doubt.

The trouble now is that there is no accounting for people. No matter how much you over-deliver, bend over backwards to satisfy, and provide exactly what the customer wants, there will be one in a hundred, or maybe one in a thousand that just feels the need to have a go.

In fat, when we dig into complaints, you may be shocked, but most of them originate from a competitors computer. It’s true, as your success grows, your competitors will hate you far more than any disgruntled customer.

The trouble with being online is that it gets so much easier for people to write negative thins about you.

Those negative things can drag down your ratings, and they can start having a negative impact on how new customers see you.

For example, if someone finds two companies, each the same distance away, but one has a 5 star rating, while yours has been dragged down to a 3.5 star rating because of those nasty fake competitor reviews, who is that potential customer going to choose? Who would you choose?

That’s where our Reputation marketing services come to the fore.

Not only will we manage those bad reviews and kill them dead in their tracks, we will keep a careful eye on all the sites where reviews are listed, and let you know the minute we spot something wrong.

Not only that, we will give you strategies and tools to increase your positive reviews, after all, most companies around the UK don’t seem to have many anyway.

By taking full ownership and control of your reputation, all of your social media and SEO campaigns will not only be protected, they will be supercharged for success.

and on and on and on

We’ve just highlighted 3 of our more important services above but we have so much more we can do for you.

  • Content Management to put quality on your sites
  • Email Marketing to reach those customers past and present
  • SMS, Voice drop and tele-marketing to reach your customers in new and exciting ways
  • Website creation and hosting to put your business out there in front of your competitors
  • and the list goes on…

We don’t want to overwhelm though, once we get chatting with you, we will know what is right for your business. We will wrap up everything into tidy packages too so you don’t ever need to worry about the complexities of it all.

Oh, and don’t worry, we will never sell something that isn’t working right now for your marketplace.

Our staff are continuously honing their skills, fully immersed in their area of expertise, and developing their knowledge daily.

We got into this business because we saw too much smoke and mirrors out there, but now, with Local Global Marketing, you get only the refreshing sense of clarity.

Go book your call back today, and take control of your future business success


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